Whereupon I help win a quiz in the most embarrassing way

We won.

We won by one point.

We won by one point at least in part because I answered a question no one else in the room did.

We won by one point because I somehow recognized a frame from the movie The Princess Diaries 2.

Not the Princess Diaries.


The Princess Diaries 2. 

A movie I apparently know so well that I got it because I recognized the emblem on the bow and arrow that Anne Hathaway’s character is wielding. Anne Hathaway was digitally removed from the frame as was the other character in the scene. Yet somehow my brain, which has in the past managed to misplace every vital item I own in one way or another (I once found my keys in the freezer), took one look at this chopped up movie frame and went ‘you know this!’.

When I turned out to be right, there was much laughing at my expense…and someone put forth the idea that we would now probably win by one point, and it would be down to my in depth knowledge of obscure Anne Hathaway fronted comedies. I said that if that happened we should all yell out “PRINCESS DIARIES 2 MOTHERFUCKERS!”

And then we won by one point. I couldn’t have written it better.

I’ve been asked more than once how much I make up for this blog, but the honest answer is that I just don’t have to make things up, because strange things just keep happening. I just write them down.

Here’s the movie frame in question, with everyone left in the¬†picture:


Wait…is that Chris Pine?


And since I’ve decided to own this, one more time for the cheap seats:



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