It’s been a long time since I posted.

A REALLY long time.

I wish I had a good concrete reason to say why; I think it intersects somewhere between business, laziness and a lot of the stuff that happened not being very funny.

Not that it was all bad either, in fact terrible things happening to me are frequently hilarious.

Settle down kid.

I got the hernias fixed. I’d been in pain for so long it’s been quite weird to not be constantly hurting. Is this what people are supposed to feel like all the time? How will I meet my moaning and groaning quotas?

My head’s also in a better place than it was. For some reason I find it a lot easier to write about what’s going on in my brain than I do talking about it. I went through a bad down patch, which didn’t make for great writing output. There’s only so many blog posts you can write about not wanting to get out of bed (although with that said, not wanting to get out of bed is a perfectly normal desire, especially if you can rope someone into bringing you food).


In fact I feel downright positive about a lot of things (not world politics).

I hope you do too.




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