Ghostbusters Movie Review


It was awesome.

Despite one of the most fraught marketing campaigns in modern movie history and a very average trailer that doesn’t properly sell the movie, Ghostbusters 2016 is a really good, fun film.

I say this as a huge fan of the first film. So much so I still occasionally ask my wife if she’s the Gatekeeper.

Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon have an easy chemistry to their relationship onscreen that makes up for some of the holes in the script, and really helps the jokes to stick. Without this chemistry (and a fun turn from Chris Hemsworth as the dumbest man on the planet), the movie would still have been fun, but the leads playing off each other elevates it into one of the better films I’ve seen this year.


The story feels familiar, even if it isn’t identical to the first film. Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy play estranged friends Erin Gilbert and Abby Yates, scientists who have taken very different paths in life after they co-authored a book on the supernatural. When real ghosts start coming out of the woodwork (and the plumbing) in New York, they team up with lunatic engineer Holtzman (Kate McKinnon) and walking New York history encyclopedia Patty Tolan (Leslie Jones) team up to beat down the undead with SCIENCE (and dirty jokes). Lots and lots of dirty jokes.

And Chris Hemsworth, who turns out to be a really good comic actor, playing the dumbest secretary who has ever walked the face of the earth.

The main cast works so well together that their chemistry helps stick the entire movie. I already knew Wiig and McCarthy as comic actors, but Mc Kinnon and Jones were completely new to me, and they both absolutely kicked ass. Jones really sells Patty as a very smart person who’s making the best of having a suck job before the Ghostbusters come along, and Mc Kinnon sells Holtzman as the kind of insane genius who’s almost as much a danger to her own team as the ghosts are.

It’s not a perfect film, but the only really big downside was that Ghostbusters suffers from a lack of good villain. It’s not Neil Casey’s fault, he gives crazed and downtrodden loner Ramon his all, but the script just doesn’t have enough space in it for him to move and he comes off as a one note baddie. Still, the movie is less about the plot and more about the cast having a good time bustin’ ghosts for our amusement and they have an absolute blast doing it.

Ignore the shrieking internet throngs who are hating this without seeing it. Go along and make up your own mind. I for one thought it was a good time at the movies.







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  1. Nice one. My girlfriend and I really enjoyed the movie too. I still get smiley when I think back to it, and it’s over a month now since I watched it. Some cool cameo appearances too.

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