I like to think of my body as a very complex machine.

A machine with one job: keeping my brain and by extension ‘me’ alive.


My machine is really bad at its job. Really bad. If it worked at my actual job it’d be on its final warning.

I ended up getting an infection in my right leg. Same sort of infection that damn near cost me my left leg a few years ago (I have spent a LOT of time in hospital). As a side note: if a surgeon ever looks at your leg and asks ‘so…can you wiggle your toes?’ I really hope the answer is yes.

I would like my future robot body to turn up in the present. This one’s busted.

And yet…

I’m still astronomically lucky. Despite my many brushes with death (I no longer have near death experiences, death has near Andrew experiences).I can hold everything together enough to work, and despite my best efforts I still have all my limbs.

A hell of a lot of people just aren’t that lucky. So despite everything, right now…I feel pretty good.


I just want that robot body, so if you work for Google, could you get on that?